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Welcome to Fusion Fitness!

My name is Stacey and I am the owner and will be your instructor here!

Here I will outline any and all regulations, the schedule available for Groupon users (different than our "regular class" schedule) and hopefully answer any questions you may have!

Regulations (let's just get these out of the way now :)

- If you have been to our studio before either with a voucher or otherwise, this voucher is not for you. This voucher is for those people that have never tried us before. So, if you have bought one, you can either pass it onto one of your fiends/family members if you like or, contact Groupon and let them know!

- We have a 24 hour cancelation policy for classes. This applies to anyone who practices with us. If you do not contact myself 24 hours prior to your scheduled class, that class is them forfeited off your voucher.

- Scheduling classes is done by e-mail.

- I do need a minimum of 2 people to run a class. If there is only one person signed up for a particular time, I will phone/e-mail you and let you know that the class is canceled and give you alternate dates/times to choose from. I will do my best to get you into your requested day/time, but depending on who else at the time has signed up, it may be a slightly different time. If that does not work for you , no problem, we will find a day/time that does!!!

- The Groupon/Classes expire on the 31st of July. Groupon classes must be used by this date.


The classes for Groupon users is as follows:

Tuesdays  6pm* and 7pm (full until mid-June)
Fridays at 11:15am** (sometimes 9:15 if we can)
Saturdays at 9am and 11am (sometimes 10am if there is space) (full until mid-June)

* There are people scheduled into these classes already but, there are spaces for a few more people that may have a bit more experience with Pilates. If you have tried Pilates before, one of these times may be the class for you!

**There have not been a lot of people signing up for the 11:15 class so there is no guarantee that there will be one scheduled. Please contact me before purchasing to see if there are any of those calsse scheduled if this is the only one you can make.

There is room for 5 people per class, we use the reformer, tower attachments and mat. All of the exercises are meant for beginners but, even if you are experienced, there are ways to make the same exercises a bit more challenging!

To schedule/cancel a class/ask any questions a class, please e-mail me at fusionfitness@eastlink.ca Please do not phone the studio. We are a small outfit, are only there during class times and keep the ringer off so as not to disturb the others in class.

When you schedule your classes: please send me your name, best number to reach you at, voucher number and days/times you would like. We will start classes February 1st.

It is probably best to schedule all five of your classes at once and, once you do, it is not recommended that you cancel to re-schedule. You cannot be guaranteed that that time will still be available.

I think that is it!

I look forward to meeting you all!!!